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Welcome to the Hypez.com – The best place to buy Instagram followers and likes! Hypez is the reputable site to build your credibility fast on Instagram at extremely affordable prices. Please look around and see how our services will benefit you! We offer insanely fast delivery, high quality services and cheap prices! Skip the long-term commitment of building your credibility and boost your Instagram today!

  • I was actually skeptical about this... but it was only 1.99 and paid via Paypal so I thought, why not? It's cheap anyway. 5 minutes went by and nothing and thennnnnn my phone began alerting me of new instagram followers. In less than 7 minutes I had 100 additional followers. Nice!! Will definitely try again.
    Laneisha Customer
  • I am highly pleased with this company. The customer service was awesome as well. I contacted them about a few questions that I had just to see if this type of program would even work for me. I don't like buying into something unless I know a little bit about them. The customer service was amazing, helping me and explaining things to me.
    Amber Customer
About Instagram services

About Us

We intend to provide the attention you need for your Instagram marketing.

Hypez began with a creative aim of delivering the best to our consumers. We satisfy all our clients by providing them with super fast Instagram services. Our Instagram followers and likes packages are premier quality ones that will have a 100 % refill guarantee.

With Hypez, you will construct a big following of fans who will make people interested in your products and services. We work with start-up’s, small scale units, celebrities, established business and what not!  We can help you quickly climb the ranks in the Instagram world!


  • No installation and download:
    You do not need to download or install anything.
  • Excellent service:
    You will be awestruck by how effective and beneficial our service goes to enhance your Instgram account.
  • Mobile friendly:
    Our site works perfectly on mobile devices too. Now you can access and supervise your activity anytime!
  • Customized packages:
    We have a variety of packages designed for individuals, celebrities and businesses separately.
customers attention

Credibility & Attention

At Hypez, all our customers have our full attention. We take care of your requests to ensure that whatever product or service we deliver will result in your satisfaction. You will experience our proven track record for credibility in the quality of the products that we deliver as well as that of the professional customer service that we offer. When you do business with Hypez, you will soon realize that what we say you will get is indeed what we deliver. Therefore, whether you purchase any of our Instagram followersor Instagram likes packages; you will be getting excellent product with full email support.

You can submit all requests and concerns by email to our customer service team twenty-four hours per day and seven days per week. We will respond to all email submissions within twenty-four hours

  • Trust from your target audience
  • Higher profit margins
  • Positive brand communication
  • Successful online campaign
Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

When Hypez delivers, you can be certain it is going to be fast. Within minutes of making your online purchase; your order will be delivered. One of the reasons we do this, is because we know and understand that businesses and individuals alike often have certain deadlines to meet and waiting is therefore often not an option.

If your competitors are already ahead of you with a large following; then why should you have to wait a few hours, days, or even weeks to get your followers after purchasing them? In answering the call of this question is the reason Hypez.com utilizes this model of delivery. Besides, fast delivery just makes sense.

With the help of our Instagram packages, you will also be able to implement certain strategies that will help you in improving your visibility.

  • A superb Instagram launch
  • Speedy brand recognition
  • Huge fan base in a short period
  • Fantastic social credibility
High security services

High Security

When it comes to protecting your transaction, Hypez.com takes every necessary precaution to protect your information. At every level of the transaction process, security measures are fully engaged.

  1. Whenever you purchase any of our packages whether it is from the Instagram Likes category of the Instagram Followers category; we never ask you for your Instagram password. In doing so, it eliminates the possibility of your Instagram account being breached.
  2. We use PayPal as our payment processor. PayPal is not only well known but it is one of the safest and most credible online payment processors. They utilize state-of-the art encryption software and other security measures to make security breaches next to impossible. Additionally, when you make a purchase from us; your financial details are not stored in our system. Instead, you are re-directed to the secured platform of PayPal.
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